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Paul Schroeder, MWE Board Chairman, shops at Wegmans using a free live description app

September 18th 2016 NBC Piece on Audio Description

The Metropolitan Washington Ear: free services for blind, visually impaired, and physically disabled people who cannot effectively read print.



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Dr. Margaret R. Pfanstiehl, Founder

In Memoriam Brother Hilary Mettes, S.T.


Please E-mail us (or call 301-681-6636) if you would like a brochure, if you would like to volunteer, or if you have any other questions about the Washington Ear. To make a donation, mail to The Metropolitan Washington Ear, 12061 Tech Rd, Silver Spring MD, 20905

Come back anytime and please tell your family and friends who may be able to use our services.

The Metropolitan Washington Ear would like to thank the following foundations for their support and others who prefer to remain anonymous:

Paul M. Angell Family Foundation

The Edes Home Foundation

Carl M. Freeman Foundation


All programs on the Metropolitan Washington Ear are solely for the use of listeners who are blind, visually-impaired or print-handicapped. All material is read as printed and does not reflect the views of the Metropolitan Washington Ear or its volunteer readers.


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