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We Provide...
Audio Description for Live Theater and Opera Performances in Selected Theatres in the Metropolitan Washington Area


Audio Description Soundtracks for Films, Videos, Imax Films and Museums

We also provide audio description training

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Dr. Margaret Pfanstiehl,  The Washington Ears’ founder and president, and her husband Cody, developed the art and technique of Audio Description in 1981.

Since then they have trained many describers here and abroad in the art of "talking pictorially" to make theater, television, films, museums and exhibits accessible to people with little or no vision. 

For Films, Videos, Exhibits

The Ear produces audio description to make documentaries, museums, IMAX films and indoor and outdoor exhibits accessible to people who are visually impaired. We train audio describers for these venues.  The Mashantuket Pequot Indian museum, Ellis Island museum, National Building museum and the Statue of Liberty museum offer audio described tours.

Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor
An introduction to the audio description of the Statue of Liberty
Audio Description of the Statue of Liberty


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