Various Loops for training

Tiny 1200m Cool down -

1mi bridge and back

2k School Loop -

1km with 400 recovery back to start -

2mi Edmonston Hill to Wootton PKWY -

3mi loop

5.5mi Out and Back Tower OAKS -

Extended Bridge and back -

Longer 2.5km warmup alternate to extended bridge and back -

2km tempos

2km Tempo up Edmonston - and back to school. About 6km total, 2.5km from school to pond going down Wootton Pkwy. From other side of pond up Edmonston is 4.3 km mark, around to 7-11 is 5km mark, and one more 1km back to school.

2km tempo down Ritchie and Back -

About 6.5km total Start at the school 2.5km down Wootton Pkwy, on the other side of the pond pick it up, right on Edmonston, Left on Ritchie Pkwy (Ritchie pkwy is kind of split with two sides and the water runoff channel in between) and turn around and come back down the other side of Ritchie, right on Edmonston. Right on Harrington until you reach the community center is 5km.

Right on Mt Vernon , left on E. Jefferson back to school

Tour of the neighborhoods 4miles -

3km tempo Start at roughly 7-11, down Ritchie all the way to Edmonston, back up Ritchie to the turn around, back down Ritchie towards Edmonston, right on Edmonston to left on Cabin John PKWY, go to pond, left on leverton, left on Harrington, Run all the way to the community center at Elwood Smith -