Agreement on Loan of an SCA Receiver

I, the undersigned party, do hereby agree with the Metropolitan Washington Ear, Inc., (hereafter, MWE) on the possession and use of an SCA radio which will receive MWE special broadcast material. I or my representative agree to comply with the eligibility requirements of MWE and the terms and conditions for the lawful possession and use of such receiver at all times. I understand that the loan of such a receiver is conditioned upon the continuing equitable interest of MWE and upon the special obligations of MWE as the broadcaster and of the sub-carrier frequency or its successor.

I further understand that MWE provides each listener with one receiver free of charge to be used on permanent loan until the service is no longer wanted or needed. A second receiver will only be released if a listener contributes an equal amount to reimburse MWE for the cost of providing the set. MWE will keep receivers in repair unless there are signs of deliberate abuse. In such a case, as listener may be asked to pay for repair and/or service will be halted until repair is made. Accordingly, I do hereby promise and agree that:

1.   I will use such receiver in accordance with the rules of MWE

2.   I will return such receiver to MWE if:

1.   I should move outside the broadcast range

2.   I no longer want to use it.

3.   I will not transfer possession or assign any right, title or interest in such receiver.

4.   I will notify MWE of changes in my address


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