Sydney aka Sylvy hips

2/9 - Trail arm swing driving back to much? Ok for fix set up a few Hs and go over with the trail arm on Hip. Alternate

So keep hurdles close together and focus on left lead for x amount and right lead for y amount.


2/16 - Position of knees on run up and through. When Sydney is running with the high knees her hips can not hula girl. Why? She has less ground contact and less time to actually hula girl. More ground contact = more time to hula girl. Hula Girl Hips are swaying side to side. We need to work on them being square.


2/23 - Another thing to look at for Sydney is the position of the lead arm going over. Is it high or low going over? Position of shoulder. High Shoulders on take off keep the center gravity high.


3/5 Work on the trail arm means not having the trail arm going back to far. Consciously think not having the arm go back on several sets of several hurdles. On both arms. As Yoda would say we must unlearn what we have learned.


Best way to unlearn any thing is to practice over a few hurdles a ton of times, and thinking about not doing this or that.


Links to two most recent races

Va Tech -

Regional Final -


Slow pace 3/12 do work over 5 hurdles focusing on trail arm and not letting it drive back

5 hurdles with higher knees and forward lean.


1step 3 step drill by Steve McGill

The spacing for the hurdles should be: over 30's, 7 feet apart; over 33's, 8 feet apart; over 36's, 9 feet apart; over 39's, 10 feet apart.